Las Vegas Marijuana Dispensary Sells to Canadian Investors

Las Vegas Marijuana Dispensary Sells to Canadian Investors Nevada Organic Remedies, one of the most prominent marijuana businesses in the Las Vegas Valley, recently sold a majority of its ownership of the expanding pot industry in Nevada to Canadian investors for $56 million. The Las Vegas company operates their dispensaries, called The Source, in Las […]

Where in Las Vegas to Legally Consume Cannabis

Restrictions on Where You May Legally Consume Marijuana in Las Vegas Many people are celebrating the fact that Nevada has joined the ranks of US states where recreational marijuana use is legal. What some people may not know is that there are restrictions on where one is permitted to use cannabis. Consuming marijuana in an […]

Pennsylvania Recreational Cannabis PA

Recently, local state representatives in Pennsylvania introduced a proposal that legalizes adult recreational cannabis use in the state. In reaction to this proposed legislation, state Representative Ryan Warner stated that he didn’t believe that now was the appropriate time to legalize more drugs. He also said that lawmakers needed to study further the use of […]