Restrictions on Where You May Legally Consume Marijuana in Las Vegas

Many people are celebrating the fact that Nevada has joined the ranks of US states where recreational marijuana use is legal. What some people may not know is that there are restrictions on where one is permitted to use cannabis. Consuming marijuana in an area where cannabis use is not permitted is against the law and can result in a hefty fine.

The recreational marijuana law in Nevada essentially prohibits one from consuming cannabis in a public setting. This means that marijuana must be enjoyed in a private residence. You are permitted to use cannabis in a private home or areas of the home such as a patio or balcony.

It is currently illegal for individuals to smoke marijuana in public areas. This includes the casinos on the Las Vegas Strip, bars and nightclubs, and on the street. Enjoying a toke in any or these areas means that you are in violation of the Nevada statues regarding cannabis consumption.

The penalties for breaking the law can be harsh. A fine of $600 is given to first-time offenders. Some people have tried to avoid the Las Vegas recreational marijuana dispensary law by using edibles or vape pens in public. This can still run you afoul of the law. Most would agree that the risk of being caught is simply not worth the potential fine.

Things may be changing, however. There are measures currently being debated by the state legislature which would provide accommodation for marijuana-friendly coffee shops and other establishments. It is also possible that provisions could be made in the near future for clubs to allow marijuana use.

In the meantime the only option is to smoke in a private residence. This is frustrating for many tourists who visit Las Vegas and other popular destinations in Nevada for the sole purpose of enjoying marijuana. Under the existing law one would need to know someone that owns a private residence in order to use cannabis.

The situation in Nevada reflects the growing pains of a nation that is trying to come to terms with . The challenge for states that wish to make recreational marijuana legal has always been establishing reasonable parameters for cannabis use. States must also consider individuals who have no desire to use cannabis when crafting their pot laws.

It is also true that law enforcement in some jurisdictions like Colorado have taken a mild stance toward the prosecution of minor marijuana offenses. There is always a chance that Nevada officers could look the other way if you are spotted smoking in public, but many people find that this is a chance they are unwilling to take.